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Windows Certificate

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Product Line Model ID NO
Motherboard A55F2-M3 (V1.0) 1626182
Motherboard A75F2-M (V1.0A) 1575913
Motherboard B75H2-D (V1.0) 1625667
Motherboard B75H2-M3 (V1.0) 1622965
Motherboard B75H2-M3 (V2.0) 1622965
Motherboard B85H3-M4 (V1.0) 1597250
Motherboard B85H3-M4 (V2.0) 1597250
Motherboard B85H3-M9 (V1.0) 1626189
Motherboard BAT-I (V1.0) 1622947
Motherboard BAT-I (V1.1) 1622947

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