Smart Education

Better educational experience, for better generation

Smart education connects teachers and students with innovative technologies to create an efficient learning environment.

Product Features

Shock-resistant & Shatterproof

Shock-resistant and shatterproof design, allowed the equipment to survive even drop to 70cm height hard surface of ground.

Water Resistant

With IP54 standard, the equipment can protect from dust, humidity or even splashing water.

Security Access

We provide additional fingerprint/TPM login, make sure your security come first.

Plug-in Temperature Sensor Probe

The educational equipment supports plugs temperature sensor probe, turns the device into powerful scientific tool. It can be used in liquids, acids, salt solutions to support the experiments in chemistry, biology, science class.

Stylus Function

More convenient ways to interact with on-screen content for students. A great help for students to do note draft or calculate math systematic formulas.

Versatile Usage

Diverse usage solutions support flexible learning scenarios.

Snap-on 30X Magnification Lens

Snap magnification lens directly onto the housing surrounding the device’s built-in camera to turn the camera into a microscope magnifying objects up to 30x.

Stretch Handle Design

Stretch handle design make it easier to carry the device around or hook it on your locker.

Ceiling Mount Content AP with High-Speed Connectivity

One CMAL 100 supports up to 50 connected devices with a reliable data rate to download contents anytime, anywhere simultaneously.

Product Information