mini 4K PC for  online conference, video conference, work from home, remote work, remote team
Online Meeting
LIVA, Z Series, LIVA Q2 mini PC
WFH (work from home) matters a lot that it prevents the physical contact when there is outbreak of diseases. However, it assists to keep the dail tasks of company rolling as smooth as usual without shrinking the competitiveness. Teams can share and collaborate contents by means of seamlessly wireless connection among different sorts of devices in the environments, wherever they are.
mini 4K PC for homeschooling, study from home, SFH
Online Education
LIVA, Z Series, LIVA Q2 tiny PC
Along with the high-speed connection, the SFH (study from home) of video-based courses are getting more prevailing nowadays. The solution of distance education assists to prevent students from being infected with the contagious flu (or coronavirus), and they can still attend the curricular courses anytime and anywhere.
mini 4K PC for playing online game
Online Game
LIVA, Z Series, LIVA Q2 Palm sized PC
The videogame industry is part of the broader entertainment market and generate the invisible economy at home. Young people or gamers forms the habits of staying at home to play online games so that we offer a great deal of gaming set (HW & SW) to amplify the demands.
mini 4K PC for binge-watch, Home Theater, OTT online video streaming
Online Binge-watching
LIVA, Z Series, LIVA Q2 Small PC
The growth of OTT service (online video streaming) is a major force in the disruptive digital landscape, because the future is in the eye of the consumers. Under certain circumstances, people spend more time staying at home instead and consuming video-watching becomes the most popular way to get entertained but also educated everyday.
Online Meeting/ Online Education
MF50KB offers a simply stunning 15.6-inch Full HD display to build the perfect hom office and home learning. Its built-in digital microphone and high definition camera features reduced ambient noise and system noise, your message is heard without fail and without any interference. More than 8 hours of endurance, which should more than suffice for a long day of meetings, remote learning or multi-tasks A better Wi-Fi signal penetration and stronger coverage enables users to enjoy virtually unfettered video, faster downloads, and an excellent connectivity experience in the entire home.