Industrial 4.0

ECS Smart factory solutions provide productive & efficient manufacturing experience

Industrial 4.0 has become the new trend of smart factory in manufacturing technologies.

Automated machines in production lines offers upscale production rate and minimize product deficiency caused by human error.

Product Features


Major IC will support 5+2 Plan, longer lifespan

Revision Control

PCB/PCBA revision control feature, minimize production deficiency.

1U Height design

PCBA height within 35mm, thin figure creates more possibility

ESD Protection

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Protection upgraded the safety working environment (Contact +/- 8KV/ Air +/- 15KV)

Gold plating, Gold contact

Gold plating, gold connector designed for PCB/PCBA, excellent contact with higher reliability.

Powerful fanless design PC

Multi-optional powerful PC supports better smart factory solutions and creates an efficiency industrial environment

Product Information